sauce/paste/jam filling and capping equipment Shower gel filler and capper,ペースト充填機

sauce/paste/jam filling and capping machine Shower gel filler and capper,ペースト充填機
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sauce/paste/jam filling and capping machine factory Price CE certificate meet the requirement of GMP long-life

sauce/paste/jam filling and capping machine


The machine finish works of filling and cap screwing in one machine.4-nozzle filling head design (head can be design according to the production requirements).

The machine meet the need of production and avoid damage machine due to improve the speed and the movement is too fast .
1, Use automatic volumetric piston pump executive filling ,it is applicable for various viscosity liquid ,high precision; fast disassembly institutions of pump ,easy to clean and disinfect.
2, The piston ring of volumetric piston pump use silicone rubber, four fluorine ethylene or other material ,special occasions adopt ceramic materials ,according to different components of the liquid and industry requirements.
3, PLC control system,frequency control,high degree of automation.

4, No bottles not filling automatic counting functions.
5, Filling capacity is easy to adjust ,all metering pump filling quantity can be adjusted one time , can also be aimed at each pump on micr measurement adjustment .Simple operation and quick adjustment.
6, Filling head equipped with pneumatic drip tight device.
7, Cap-screwing use magnetic moment capping , permanent use and adjust torque is convenient.

8, Capping bottles use bottle diving plate localization ,capping perfectly and changing bottle model is convenient.
9, The machine can be used for various specifications of bottles, adjust the simple, can be finished in a short time

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