semi auto perfume glass bottle vacuum filling and crimping machine supplier mesin mengisi parfum

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application of 4 nozzles vacuum filling machine:
Suitable for perfume, toilet water, toner, oral liquid, syrup and other water.

Technical parameter for vacuum filling machine:
Model YQ-4
Filling volume 15-100ml
Filling head number 4
Production speed 60 bottles/min
Filling type perfume,Oral liquid, liquid medicine, liquid alcohol
Dimension 750*600*1300mm
Power 80W

Semi automatic crimping machine
main parameter for bottle crimping machine:
Seal with the Diameters 14.5 17 20 21.5(mm)
Physical Size 400 * 450 * 700(mm)
Capping Speed 15 (time/points)
Weight 15(kgs)
Applicable Objects cosmetics class for chemical industry