Semi auto plane adhesive labeling system bottle labeler,máquina de etiquetas adesivas

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Semi auto plane adhesive labeling system,máquina de etiquetas adesivas
1. Equipment Parameters:
max 0.5kw, AC220V, 50HZ (depends on customer's requirement)
Labeling Speed
0 to 30pcs per minute (depends on the products size)
Label Length
10 to 250mm
Label Width
10 to 130mm
Label Reel Inner Diameter

Label Reel Outer Diameter

within 360mm
Labeling Error
Products Size
design it according to customer's requirements
Machine Size
L600 x W100 x H600 mm
Machine Weight

2. Feature:
1)This labeler is air-breathing type and designed for labeling on flat surface.
2)It is composed of main head, label feeding device, backing paper recycle, product positioning, etc.
3)Semi automatically used and equipped with a footswitch. After placing the products, treading the food switch. Then the label be attached on product.
4)With high working efficiency, high labeling accuracy and low failure rate.
5)Easy to operate and maintain.

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