Semi-automatic cream filling machine for sauce filler equipment with piston

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Product description:
Single head cream and liquid dual-use filling machine is the transformed and innovative product based on advanced filling machine technology, nd its structure is more simple and reasonable, high precision, the operation more convenient. The machine design is reasonable, compact model, vertical structure, saving space. Easy to operate.
Suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides and special industries, is the ideal viscosity fluid filling equipment.

Working principle and performance:

1. Works principle: as the semi-automatic piston filling machine. Driven by a piston through the cylinder to extract and play materials with the one-way valve to control the flow of materials, with magnetic reed switch control cylinder stroke, you can adjust the filling volume.
2.Performance: our company produces semi-automatic piston type single-head liquid filling machine is based on the company's filling machine series, introduction of foreign advanced filling machine technology for further transformation and innovation, and its structure is more simple and reasonable , high precision, the operation more convenient, is ideal choose for your company paste filling demand.
Product Advantages::
1,Paste and liquid dual use with pneumatic three-way valve, and is SS316 stainless steel, no corner of the three-way pneumatic valve, easy to clean;
2, Has the standard measurement ruler, the filling volume and speed can be freely adjustment.
3, Has the times counter device, it can automatically count the filling times.
4,The parts touching material was made of 316 stainless steel, comply with GMP requirement.
5,Pneumatic element was used from AirTac brand from TW.
6,Sealing element was used of silicone rubber((wear resistance, acid bases resistance, corrosion resistance), fluororubber( wear resistance, wear strong acid-bases, highly corrosive).
7,For lotion, care solution, oral care, hair care, hand sanitizer, lotions, disinfectant, liquid foundation, antifreeze, shampoo, eye wash solution, nutrient solution, injection, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, wash clean, bath liquid filling gel, perfume, cooking oil, lubricants and special industry liquid filling.
8,Above filling head has a drawing with anti-drawbench, anti-drip device and lifting filling device, filling mouth was equipped with two sizes