semi automatic hand sanitizer gel filling and bottle capping machine|sanitizer packaging machine

semi automatic liquid&gel filling and bottle capping machine| sanitizer packaging machine

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Gel filler machine introduction:
Fully automatic piston pump filling machine, using pump to control filling capacity, accurate accuracy, easy adjustment,, suitable for filling all kinds of viscosity products from liquid to cream, suitable for daily chemical and pharmaceutical , Food, pesticides and other industries.

Technical Parameters of hand sanitizer filling equipment:
Number of filling heads:1, 2, 4, (customized according to customer output requirements)
Filling capacity: 10 ~ 5000ml (made according to customer requirements)
Filling form: piston pump filling
Theoretical filling speed: 10-30 bottles / min
Filling accuracy: 1%
Conveying speed: 5-15m / min
Conveyor belt width: 83 (mm)
Conveyor belt: 3 meters
The height of the conveyor belt from the ground: 850 ± 20 (mm)
Machine power: 500W / 220V AC single phase
Program control: imported PLC with touch screen man-machine interface
Air source: 0.5-0.8MPa
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