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]Semi-automatic plane labeling machine(plastic bottle)Semi-automatic plane labeling machine(plastic bottle)

Semi-automatic plane labeling machine

Applicable objects: fruit juice and carbonated beverage, wine to drink, mineral water, pure water, yogurt, fresh milk, hair care products, cosmetics, skin care products kind of, the oil, the cleaning, cleaning products, potions, clothing, metal and other


1 machine by anodized aluminum alloy for the production, beautiful, generous, and lighter.
2 flexible design according to the customer, the tailor.

3 low cost and high efficiency
4 if use transparent tag with special transparent to label magic eye. Can add conveyor belt.

Apply labels:

1 adhesive label

2 Rolls label; inner diameter :75mm external diameter:370mm

3 Tag height: 10 mm to 130 mm. (maximum 200 mm, need to order

Labeling object diameter:11-25mm

Poster speed: artificial control

Pastes the sign precision :whine ±1

Applicable power: 500W 220V 50/60Hz

Overall weight: 35KG

Overall Dim: 500mm×380mm×40mm

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