Semi automatic round wine bottle jar and tin labeling machines price Pelabelan mesin semi-otomatis

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1.Basic using
It’s one of semi automatic labeling machine, be suitable for labeling on various kind of surface of circular products,also small taper round bottle like cosmetic, wine round bottle ect. Can label on full round or half round, front and back side of circle, between space can adjust anyhow, widely use in food,cosmetic,chemical,medicine line
Can select and assemble circle fixed position device to realize labeling at a decided place
Can select ribbon printer and inkjet print, print product system number while labeling, reduce packing process and improve product efficiency
2.Product Feature
◆Strong function,one or two pcs labeling can be shift freely, can flexible adjust the space of front and back label, to make a fixed position on circle surface.
◆Support taper bottle to stick label, has taper adjust controller, simply adjust then may meet lots of taper bottle labeling
◆High labeling quality, has fixing position of product and label go wrong to correct. Good overlapping at head and tail of labels, no scrape, no air bubble, improve labeling quality.
◆Easy adjustment, every function shift by one button. Different product’s label be shifted easy and fast, improve efficiency.
◆Safety and health, apply with GMP produce requirement, main material of equipment use stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy, more strong and durable
◆Stability capacity, use PLS + sensor electric control system, support equipment working long time
◆Produce manage conveniently, has function of label count, saving modal, photoelectric tracing, management more relax
3.Configuration specification
Electrical equipment Quty. Brand/remark Electrical equipment Quty. Brand/remark
Speed adjustment motor 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC PLC programable controller 1set Delta
Motor speed controller 1set Wanshsin/OPG/JSCC screen 1set Delta
Label electric eye 1set Leuze/DataSensor
Labeling speed 15-25p/min
Labeling accurate ±1mm
Product scope Diamenter φ8mm~φ120mm
Label scope Width10~180mm,Length15~376mm
voltage 220V
Out size L*W*H:920×450×520

About Packing:
To ensure our service quality, we will execute the following packaging standards in delivery:
1.All the products before delivery should be tested by assemble and debugging engineer, wiped up and cleaned, then wrapped by stretch film to protect it from moist. The precision part need to flexible package.
2.In addition, without standard tools, manual and other documents, and allow ex-factory confirmation sheet, the machine cannot leave factory All the products will be packed in wooden case. The exported products use plywood case to pack. The foot margin of equipment fixed tightly to make the machine can experience loading and uploading, the upward mark will be posted on the wooden case.

Our services:
A-The whole system
The Seller ensure the whole system can get to the requested capacity, accept and cooperate with the Buyer to pass the final testing of the whole system.
B-On-site installation:
The Seller supply the on site installation for the whole system, but the fees including air tickets, foods, hotel and translator in this period should be paid by User,the subsidy is 80USD/day.
C-Technical support:
The Seller supplies the technical support of the whole use life of the system,including the capping machine,and the procedures.
D-Spare parts supply:
The Seller should supply the quick-wear parts with the machine, to help the Buyer n further using. In the quality guarantee period, the Seller will supply the broken parts for free, except the easy worn parts or the damage is caused by misoperation.After the guarantee period, the Seller will supply all the parts that the User need for the whole use life of the machine in cost price.

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