silicone sealant filling and tail sealing machine semi auto tube filler and sealer,シリコーン充填およびシール機

silicone sealant filling and tail sealing machine
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It is the latest product developed by our factory used on metal tubes. It can quantitative filling and sealing for silicone sealant. It can be produced specially for filling and sealing of silicone sealant of plastic tubes according to users requirement.
Structural features:
With plunger style, it can fill accurately (can be adjusted randomly) with measuring error less than 1%. Tubes were lifted to filling heads while filling and come down correspondingly so as to reduce bubble to min. degree in tubes. Pneumatic switch valve is installed on feed nozzle with no leakage when turned off. And inert gas filling device on feed nozzle helps solving the problem of tailing and drawing in the filling process meanwhile avoids solidifying of material in filling and storing. By stepless speed regulation, double-side fourth-fold sealing, it enjoys good sealing appearance and easy operation while complete filling sealing and printing for one time with merits of practicality and reliability.

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