single head pump filling machine/piston filler/lobe pump filler/viscous liquid filler

Linear single head Lobe Pump Filling Machine has the advantages of high efficiency and high precision, and can be filled with thin and extremely viscous products without foam. It has a separate servo motor to drive the lobe pump and supply products to each separate filling head.

High speed 15-30 bottles/min with only 1 filling nozzles

Wide Application— fast switching for various bottles and products
Easy but High Clean—servo rotor pump filling system
Touch screen operation interface
Support up and down movement type filling to effectively prevent foam generation
The filling accuracy can reach ±0.5% (depending on the product, the filling accuracy is different)
The filling cylinder is treated and ground by hard chromium, with a unique filling valve design, no leakage
No bottle no filling function
Design different positioning devices according to the actual situation of the bottle
Automatic cleaning function: without manual disassembly, it can be set once on the touch screen to automatically clean and drain the sewage.
The equipment and material contact are all made of 304# stainless steel
less area occupancy
Linear single Lobe Pump Filling Machine is adjustable for many different types of bottles,Custom donot need to adjust the traditional cylinder block bottle and nozzle position according to different bottle . this machine can save much time to change bottle.
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