Soy Milk Filling Aluminum Foil Sealing 3-in-1 Machine automatic filler sealer equipment price

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Product Description
This machine introduces the foreign filling technology,unit filling,aluminum foil cover forming,sealing in one machine. It’s widely used for food and pharmaceutical package,especially it’s an ideal equipment for various plastic bottle package and seal in milk packages,removing foam and high effective sealing finished products.It reasonably adopts the double-slope cover-punching technology and largely developed the foil usage.It adopts the integral motor design and the first-rate driving,so the running is steady and flat.

The machine includes several sections listed bellows:
1). Drive unit
2). Locating bottle device
3). Input bottle device
4). Rinsing bottle device
5). Rinsing-filling transferring bottle device
6). Filling device
7). Filling-capping transferring bottle device
8). Capping device
9). Unscrambling device
10). Output bottle device
11). Frame
12). Electric control system

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