special shape plastic tube filling machine for cream Facial cleanser|tubes filler and sealer

special shape plastic tube filling machine for cream Facial cleanser|tubes filler and sealer

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product manual:
This product is a high-tech equipment that our company introduced from abroad first, optimized and designed and developed in accordance with the requirements of GMP. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, complete functions, convenient operation, accurate loading, stable operation and low noise. The PLC programmable controller is used to program the operation of the whole machine, from liquid to high-viscosity fluid material (paste) for filling and sealing to coding batch number (including production date) and other processes. It is an ideal equipment for filling and sealing aluminum tubes, plastic tubes, and composite tubes in cosmetics, pharmacy, food, adhesives and other industries, and meets GMP requirements.

main feature:
1) The high-grade liquid crystal display programming controller and the operation screen combined with buttons can fully grasp the operating conditions of the equipment such as stepless speed regulation, parameter equipment, output counting statistics, air pressure indication, fault display, etc., making the operation simple and user-friendly.
2) Fully automatic completion of the whole process of human supply of pipes, benchmarking, inert temperature meter body (optional), filling, sealing, coding, and export of finished products.
3) The high-precision benchmarking system reduces the color difference range between the tube body and the color scale.
4) The adjustment part is external and the position is displayed digitally, which is fast and accurate (suitable for multi-specification and multi-variety production).
5) Machine, light, electricity, gas integration, no tube without filling, insufficient supply tube, low air pressure, automatic display (alarm); automatic shutdown when the protective door is opened.

6) If the scrap rate is not a problem of the demand side pipes, the equipment guarantees a pass rate of over 99.5%.
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