spindle capper for liquid soap bottle|hand sanitizer bottle cap applicator machine

spindle capper for liquid soap bottle|hand sanitizer bottle cap tightening machine
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Our company has developed a sealing equipment to meet the needs of the market-fully automatic capping machinery and sealing machines, which has beautiful appearance, simple adjustment, stable capping quality, low cost, easy to use, low pressure control, safe and reliable. More suitable for laboratory purchase, it is an ideal equipment for small batch and experimental sealing work. This cap screwing machine is mainly suitable for aluminum caps of various glass bottles and caps that are easy to pull. It is an ideal device for capping and packaging small bottles of medicine, health care products, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

The capper can also be used for rolling aluminum caps, anti-theft caps, screw caps, etc. In the design, the disc is used to position the bottle for gap movement. The magnetic bottle cap is used to screw the positioned bottle. The cap tightener has strong practicality and is a pharmaceutical and pesticide. , Chemical, food and other industries, the ideal equipment for bottle capping.

Features of cap screwing machine
1. Applicable wide range of bottle cap sizes, many bottle types, high capping rate and capping rate. Continuous operation, complete automated production, save time and improve efficiency.
2. The operation space of the cap-feeding track is large, and the cap can be continuously supplied by the control plate and the gate, which completes the automatic production, saves time, improves the efficiency, and the positioning of the turntable. In and out of the bottle is smooth, frequency conversion speed regulation, easy to connect.
3. It adopts stepless frequency conversion motor, which can freely adjust the capping speed, conveying speed, magnetic moment capping, loose and tight adjustment, without hurting the bottle and cap. It adopts magnetic torque capping, which can be used permanently, and it is convenient to adjust the torque.
4. The screw cap part is made of high-grade materials, which will not hurt the bottle cap. The whole machine is designed according to GMP requirements.
5. The torque can be adjusted independently, and the tightness of the screw cap can be adjusted freely.
6. Simple structure, easy operation and easy maintenance.
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