Step 2 bottle turntable machine for automatic gel polish dosing machine

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We introduce you to our gel polish dosing machine which is fit for package all products related to nail polish.

Our nail gel bottle filling machines are the most practical and flexible solution to package small doses of nail polish. Our gel polish dosing machine are known for their simplicity, speed of use, and are easy to clean. But above all, our nail gel filler are resistant and made of high quality materials in order to fill nail polish. The dosing equipment is designed to be incredibly accurate and does not waste product.

This bottle feeder can cooperate with nail polish bottle dosing machine.

Funtion of bottle turntable:
This bottle feeding machine is place plastic and glass bottles in the round table, wheel rotation will have to dial the conveyor belt driven into the bottle, and then move into the filling machine .It is

Advantage of bottle feeding table machine:
Easy to use, simple operation is one of the indispensable link

Main Technical specifications
Applicable specifications 20-1000 ml
Bottle diameter:φ 10-φ80 mm
The bottle height:85-300 mm
Production capacity:0-100 BPM (speed adjustable)
Power:0.5 kw
Machine size:1500*1000*800mm
Stainless steel:SUS304 material

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