sticker labeling machine for 10-100ml sprayer bottle|pet bottle label applicators

sticker labeling machine for 10-100ml sprayer bottle|pet bottle label applicators
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pet bottle labeling machine instroduction:
Has many uses! Mainly suitable for automatic labeling of flat or square bottle packaging containers in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and other industries
Strong expansion! Various printers can be selected to complete online real-time printing, which can be used stand-alone or connected to the production line.

Features of bottle labeling system:
1. Adopt imported motor system
2. The clutch design makes the label tension more stable, which is convenient for improving the labeling accuracy
3. Human-machine dialogue touch screen: easy to operate, intuitive, with rich help function and fault display function
4. PLC control by well-known brands, high reliability
5. The machine structure is simple and compact, easy to operate and maintain
6. Ribbon coding machine, heat transfer machine and automatic bottle feeder (optional) can be installed
Note: The machinery can be customized according to the customer's product needs

Technical Parameters for label applicator machine:
Power supply voltage 110V / 220V 50-60HZ
Power 1600W
Label width (maximum) 180mm
Label length 10-300mm
Bottle diameter (maximum) square / flat bottle thickness 30-90mm, height ≤300mm
Paper roll outer diameter (maximum) φ350mm
Paper roll inner diameter φ76mm
Labeling speed 50-150
Labeling accuracy ± 1mm
Dimensions 2600X1200X1500mm
Weight 600KG
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