teaching video for how to use semi automatic tabletop wet glue labeling machine operation process

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YQ MACHINERY can offer a complete range of Labeler Machine, capable of meeting diverse labelling requirements. Our labeler tools find application in round, square,flat containers.That is to say,a wide variety of labeling equipment can be automatically placed and secure most label types onto a wide assortment of container types.
YQ is your only true, long-term industry partner, our customized labeling solutions are as unique as your need. so whether you need a semi-automaticlabeling machine or a fully-automated label machine, we also have bottle unscrambler, filling and capping experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.

Instruction of semi automatic wet glue labeling machine
Applicable to all kinds of objects on round bottles paste labeling, separation, gluing, labeling, covered labeled automatically, reducing manual labeling process, improve labeling efficiency. Coating evenly with filamentous stripes, do not wrinkle, improve packaging grades. Especially suitable for labeling middle and small batch production, such as food, alcohol and other labeling.

Easy operation, simple operation manual loading and bottles can complete the entire labeling process;
adjustment is simple, especially for small batch production, labeling quick and easy to switch varieties, improve efficiency;
saving glue, adhesive thickness can be adjusted according, coating evenly and eliminate glue waste;
accurate labeling, label head and tail docking coincident high position of the bottle label positioning accuracy;
Labeling high quality, adjustable filamentous stripes, labeling flat, no wrinkles, no warping, improve packaging grades;
high degree of automation, sub paper feeding, gluing, labeling, follow standard auto-complete, improve labeling efficiency;

Technical info:
Suitable label length (mm) 80mm ~ 380mm
Applicable Label width (backing paper width / mm) 40mm ~ 175mm
Labeling accuracy (mm) ± 1mm
Labeling speed (pcs / min) 15 ~ 30pcs/min
Weight (kg) about 37kg
Frequency (HZ) 50HZ
Voltage (V) 220V
Power (w) 80W
Applicable product size Diameter Φ30mm ~ Φ120mm, height 30mm ~ 230mm
Device dimensions (mm) (L × W × H) 630mm*430mm*330mm

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