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YQ MACHINERY can offer a complete range of Labeler Machine, capable of meeting diverse labelling requirements. Our labeler tools find application in round, square,flat containers.That is to say,a wide variety of labeling equipment can be automatically placed and secure most label types onto a wide assortment of container types.
YQ is your only true, long-term industry partner, our customized labeling solutions are as unique as your need. so whether you need a semi-automaticlabeling machine or a fully-automated label machine, we also have bottle unscrambler, filling and capping experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.

Round bottle labeling machine debugging instructions
1. Place the bottle on the guardrail and protect the bottle with a guardrail.The distance between the barrier and the bottle ensures that the bottle passes smoothly. Tighten the guardrail.
2, bottle serperating system(the distance between two bottles):there are four screws which can loose and adjust loose or tight.below is the pic of bottle sperating system(black part)

3.when bottles goes into spoke centre.below pic is spoke.

make sure that it is not too tight or loose when bottles go into spoke.You can adjust
loose or tight by here.

4, press"convey" (in touch screen) and test, if the bottle can pass smoothly. After adjustment, tighten the butterfly-shaped screws.

5. loading labels
a, lock the label plate clockwise in the card slot and lock it with the cover
b, around the label paper (the red button is the photoelectric switch for detecting the label), and finally the label paper passes through the black pressure roller, and the label paper is fixed by the buckle.

Testing process
Align the middle of the two labels with the red photoelectric switch(in blank part), then press the small black button, wait for the yellow cursor to flash 3-5 times, then pull the label paper under the photoelectric switch, press the small black button to confirm, and then pull the label paper back and forth. If the yellow light flashes and goes out, it means that the photoelectric has detected the label.
After the test is completed, click “test” to test the output label.

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