Three Sided Labeling Machine 5L Oil Square Bottle Adhesive Labeler Automatic Label Applicator

Vertical Three Sided Labeling Machine For Square Bottle Adhesive Sticker Automatic Label Applicator

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1) Edible oil bottle Labeling Machine
2) Servo motor , PLC control system
4) High precision
5) Easy to operate

Mainly used in the food, grain and oil industries in the square, the circular shape material bottleon fast automatic labeling requirements. (such as: flat label, party label, and production site supporting the cooking oil label). A universal good, high stability, durable, etc

Function Characteristics
A, applicable range: can not only realize party bottles/flat bottles (of full form) side (plane) single post standard/corner fondle standard, still can achieve round bottles of weeks to single/double posted by positioning function, unique points .
B, institution, ensure production line and the online use reliable and effective unloading
C, unique corner helped standard organization to ensure party bottles of three sides labeling on the corner of level off, not wrinkle
D, can use single and used together with production line
Basic Parameters

Bottles ize: (round bottle) diameter Φ 80-Φ 150 mm
(party bottles/flat bottle) length is 100-180 mm, width 80-180 mm, bottles of high 50-350 mm.
Output Speeed: Party bottles of side/corner labeling (in 5 L party bottles of plan):45 bottles/min
Round bottles of positioning single post standard (1.8 L round bottles of plan) : 35 bottles/min,.
Labeling precision: sides labeling position errors than + /-1.5 mm
Round bottles of weeks to positioning labeling position errors than + /-2.0 mm
Between the poor wrong than + /-1.5 mm (regardless of the package and label error)

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