Toilet Bowl Cleaner Filling Machine Mr muscle Shaped bottle filler stopper cap tightening equipment

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“Mr.muscle”--clean toilet Oblique bottle can be used in anti-corrosion filling, pressure plug, screw cover 3 in 1 machine.the machine adopts the mechanical indexing turntable structure.There are 12 stations which are in turn to complete the bottle feeding,Atmospheric pressure four nozzles filling, vibration bowl for feeding the plug and press the plug by cylinder, the vibration bowl for the cover(press the cap by cylinder)and screw cap by servo motor , bottle in and out of conveyor.It is with high filling accuracy, no bubble, screw cap torque constant Characteristics.It also covers an area of small, flexible, efficient.Only two people can be completed from the bottle to the packing of the entire process, the demand for high-yield can be used to be in one filling and packing line.
Filling parts Material contact part of the PP or PTFE material, the overall frame for the 304 stainless steel and plexiglass door, the protective effect is good, easy to clean. Imported PLC and man-machine interface, simple operation, intuitive, easy maintenance.

Performance Characteristics:
① the material contact part of the use of anti-corrosion materials, PP anti-corrosion material box, diaphragm valve, PTFE filling mouth, filling the measurement of time-controlled single-bottle filling four times to complete, filling the process of small impulse, High precision.

The main technical parameters:
Production capacity: 10-12 bottles / minute (according to the customer to provide the bottle, the plug, cover, material subject)
Filling accuracy: ± 1%
Air supply pressure: 0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa
Power supply: ~ 220 volts, 50 Hz
Power: 4 kW
Weight: about 800 kg

After-sale service:
1. Instruction for Installation and Debugging
Before delivery, we takes responsible for debugging of machine, in order to make sure the provided machine could be safely and smoothly put into operation.
We also take responsibility to have debugging overseas, and Client abroad please sends invitation forward of time to engineer, provides the engineer with round-trip tickets, accommodation, vehicle and $80 per day salary
2. User Training
Before delivery, we will take responsibility to indoctrinate technical training to the users so that they could understand the machine features and could operate the machine by themselves.
3. Warranty Period
The warranty period for machine is one year with a life long maintenance. If the user requires special quality guarantee, other stipulated warranty period may be made after mutual agreement.Mechanical models are standard, make special design according to customer requirements.

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