Tube filling machine manufacturers|yq machinery automatic plastic tube filling equipment price

Tube filling machine manufacturers|yq machinery automatic plastic tube filling equipment price
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Automatic plastic tube filling and sealing machine, plastic aluminum plastic (composite) hose filling and sealing machine are mainly used for the principle of one-time transmission. The indexing mechanism drives the turntable equipped with fixtures to move intermittently to complete a series of functions such as automatic tube loading, automatic labeling, automatic filling, heating inside and outside the tube, sealing, pressing, trimming, and product withdrawal. The filling measurement is accurate, the heating time is stable and adjustable, and the sealing appearance is beautiful, neat, firm and hygienic. The cutting edge is smooth. The machine is set to 10 stations, and the whole tube filler machine action can be completed automatically. The tube filling equipment runs smoothly and reliably. All contact materials and some related parts of the whole machine are made of high-quality stainless steel. The parts that need to be cleaned are all selected quick-change devices, which is easy to disassemble and wash. When certain materials require heating type heat preservation, a heating thermostat can be installed outside the barrel. Any material that uses plastic pipes and composite pipes as packaging materials, you can use this machine with confidence.

this tube filler is suitable for cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesive industry, shoe polish industry, etc. and other related industries. According to different materials, the heating and mixing system of the batching bucket and the anti-drawing filling head can be selected.
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