Two heads Flexible tube filling and sealing machine for plastic tubes filler and sealer

Two heads Flexible tube filling and sealing device plastic tubes filler and sealer,Llenado y sellado de la máquina
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Flexible tube filling and sealing machine

Siemens Touch Screen Siemens PLC

Schneider buttons and switch

Panasonic Inverter Panasonic photocell eye

Inner heating device from Switzerland

Safety Guard With fuse-switch unit


1.Stainless steel construction ,GMP standard

2.Pneumatic Tube Washing & Feeding

3.Compact design, durable, and simple maintenance

4.Automatic Sensor Activated Orientation

5.Intelligent Temperature Control and Cooling Systems

6.Automatically put tubes, fill, seal, dating and load tubes.

7 Safety Interlock Shutdown when Door is Open

8.Easy to adjust with Touch Screen Controls

9.Fully Enclosed Safty Frame with Door Interlock

10.Fixed position machine stop

11.Safty guard system for Human being and Machine itself.

12.Adjust Filling capacity, Main machine speed easily

13.Filling head have protection against the drop system and will make sure drawbench.

Product describtion

This machine is used for filling all kinds of soft plastic tubes or plastic-aluminum laminated tubes,sealing and cutting the end of the tubes,and pressing date or series numbers on the end.

It is widely used in daily chemical,pharmacertics,food and chemical inductries Characteristics:It is a kind of PLC-controlled machine universal and functional.The sealer end is firm and good-looking.

The filling nozzles in different specifications are provided for materials in different thickness.

Technical parameter:

Voltage AC220V/50Hz±10%
Heating Power 3kw(electric heating)
Motor power 1.1kw
Filling Volume(ml) 5ml-250ml/pcs
Volume Precision ≤±1%
Capacity(pcs/min) 1800-2400pcs/h Adjustable)
Tube Diameters(mm) 10-50mm
Tube length 210mm(Max.Length)
Hopper volume 40L
Compressed Air pressure 0.6Mpa/square centimeters
Dimension(mm) 1900×850×1900
Weight 900kgs


industry ,pharmaceutics,foodstuffs ,cosmetic,daily chemicals (toothpaste, ketchup , paste food ,hair-dyeing paste ,art palette )

Tube types

plastic tubes,aluminum tube, plastic-aluminum tube ,composite tube


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