Two nozzles chili sauce filler piston pump inline filling rotary metal lid vacuum capping machine

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1.automatic filling vacuum capping machine
2. suitable for caps of different shapes and sizes
3. low price

Working principle of vacuum sealing machine:
Working principle of vacuum Capping Machine are: automatic cap sorting - cap automatically hanging - vacuum Capping equipment.It mainly for the food industry, such as pickles, canned food and so on.The equipment adopt the design of electromechanical-pneumatic-controlled, PLC electronic fiber optic sensing control. It can reach the target: fully automatic cap sorting- automatic cap hanging - automatic bottle in- vacuum sealing- automatic capping-automatic bottle out. No bottle no vacuum.When it does not reach vacuum suction pressure value,it will not cap.Truly a vacuum bottle, make the bottle without oxygen, sterile breeding, to ensure that the shelf life of the material.It is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other industries. the device is simple, easy maintenance, easy to clean.

Main features:
1) Integrated automatically cap arranging with covering and vacuum capping, with high automation.
2) Adopted vacuum pump to achieve high vacuum.
3) Capping torsion and vacuum degree can be set as required.
4) Suitable for different shapes and sizes bottles with changing few parts.
5) The main pneumatic and electric parts are from world famous brands to ensure stable, reliable and durable performance.

Technical Parameter of jar vacuum capping machine
Power supply AC220V / 50Hz
Power 2K W
Cap Diameter 25~35mm;55-85mm
Capping speed 20-30bottles/min
Vacuum pressure: 0.01-0.06mpa (vacuum can be set according to product requirements)
Suitable bottle height 50~280mm
Air sauce pressure 0.7MPa
Net Weight 750kg
Package size 2000×1200×2300mm
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