Two side labeling machine for round bottle|front and back labeler for round jar

Two side labeling machine for round bottle|front and back labeler for round jar

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Introduction of front and back labeling machine for round bottle
The round bottle automatic labeling machine is suitable for label round surface of container with two labels. It can be used for single and double labeling. The distance between the front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly. Cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfection water and other industries. Optional circumferential positioning detection device can realize labeling at a specified position on the circumferential surface. Optional ribbon coding machine and inkjet printer can print the production date and batch number information on the label, and realize the integration of labeling and coding.
Application examples: double labeling of cocktail labels, double-labeling of disinfectant bottles, double labeling of gel water, positive labeling of red wine bottles, etc.
work process for two side labeler of round container
Core working principle: put the product on the conveyor belt and enter the bottle separating mechanism. After the bottle separating mechanism separates the product, the sensor detects the passing of the product and sends a signal back to the labeling control system. The control system controls the corresponding motor to send the label and apply it in the appropriate position It is attached to the product to be labeled, and the label is overwritten at the same time, and the action of attaching a label is completed.
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