Two sided labeling machine for shampoo hand sanitizer gel|bottle sticker label applicators

front and back labeling machine for shampoo hand sanitizer gel|bottle sticker label applicators

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This multi purpose equipment is suitable for applying sticker labels on the front and back side of bottles, jars, etc.; which are round, flat, oval, rectangular, or square in shape. It is a multi pack linear machine with a uniquely designed continuous movement, pocket type bottle alignment system. This double side labeling machine model is perfectly suitable for applying labels on both sides of bottles and containers of various shapes and sizes

In the front and back two-sided labeling process that is frequently used, the product should therefore be centered with precision at the moment the label is applied.
In the case of medium and large production quantities, it is recommended to use an automatic system that can satisfy the highest precision requirements. The system utilizes a unique form of centering to ensure precise positioning of the labels as the products pass by.

Important factors:
pressure sensitive labeling System performance that matches the application: For many high-volume consumer products and small- and large-format products, high speeds and throughputs need to be achieved.
Exact feeding: In automated systems, the products can be guided using either motorized side belts or special guide rails, which are highly versatile, allowing precise adjustment to suit various sizes and product types.
Integration options appropriate to the particular application: It must be possible to easily expand the systems by adding printing system.

Technical data:
Power specification: 3 KW; AC 220V±2% 50/60Hz (single phase)
Labeling speed: 0~27m/min.
Bottle diameter: suitable for flat bottles, square bottles, hexagonal bottles, etc.
Labeling accuracy: front and back ±1.0mm, left and right ±1.0mm

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