ultrasonic cosmetics tube filling and sealing machine for cream paste sofe tubes filler price

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Main Features of plastic tube filling and sealing machine:
1) All machine adopt Mechanical transmission,machine running very stable.
2) Cam and Splitter use Japan import cam and splitter , ensure tube position is accurate。
3) Self tube loadeer,Efficient and precise.
4) Sealing tube adopt the swiss heating gun, all mould inside the heating gun all through Precision Machining in Precision machining centers
5) Easy to operate and flexible,Stainless steel body, neat and beautiful.
6) Can according to customer's different requirements, customize different function for tube.
Can print date and punch the hole at the button of the tube
Can choose different heating sealing method
Can according to different type material, add mixer or heating hopper
Can according to different size volume tube, customize different size tube holder mould.

Main technical parameters of tube filling machine:
1. power: ~220V,0.75kw
2. power consumption: 350W*2 +250W*2=1.2KW
3. filling volume: 50,100,200,250ml can be customized
4. Producing speed: 30-50pcs/min
5. filling accuracy: 1%
6. machine dimension: 1100X800X1600mm
7. Machine weight: 280kg
8. working air pressure: more than 0.4Mpa

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