vacuum sealer price |6-8BPM nitrogen can sealing machine

vacuum sealer price |6-8BPM nitrogen can sealing machine

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Introduction of vacuum seamer
1. The cover and main parts of this machine are made of SUS304 stainless steel;
          2. The seals of the vacuum system are made of silicone;
          3. Tank lid joint control device: when the tank body enters, the tank lid will be correspondingly allocated;
          4. The machine's automatic control adopts programmable controller PLC of well-known brands, and the parameters can be set on the touch screen;
          5. All pneumatic components and solenoid valves adopt the "Yadeke" brand;
          6. Use well-known brand high-precision digital pressure sensor to detect vacuum pressure;
          7. The vacuuming part adopts oil vacuum pump;
          8. The whole process is carried out in a sealed room.

Technical parameter of can vacuum sealer:
Production capacity 6-7 cans / min
Applicable range Tank diameter φ70-φ127mm, tank height 80-190mm
Voltage Three-phase 380V 50 / 60HZ;
Machine power 4KW
Weight 500kg
Dimensions 2000 (L) × 800 (W) × 1850 (H) mm
Working pressure (compressed air)
Air consumption (compressed air) about 80L / min
Pressure of nitrogen source
Nitrogen consumption about 50L / min
Residual oxygen less than 3%

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