Wire Folding Labeling Machine For USB Power Data Cables Self Adhesive Labeler

Wire Folding Labeling Machine For USB Power Data Cables Self Adhesive Labeler

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Introduction of self adhesive labeler:
Applicable labels: stickers
Applicable products: Products that need to be folded and labeled with labels on wires, tubes, rods or other special-shaped interfaces;
Application industry: widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastics, printing, lighting and other industries from #yqmachinery;
Application examples: power cables, data cables, warning cables, USB cables, fiber optic cables, various types of wires;

Features of #wirelabelingmachine:
Quickly sense label gaps
Reasonable mechanical structure design ensures smooth and stable labeling
Effectively reduce product costs, improve the aesthetics of product logos, and improve product competitiveness
Easy to apply, can be adjusted in a wide range to achieve double-fold labeling on different specifications
Improve the efficiency of product labeling and film attachment, accurate attachment position, good quality and high stability
Reasonable structural design, easy and quick replacement of wearing parts
Avoid a series of problems such as inefficient manual labeling, skew, blistering, wrinkling, and irregular attachment positions;

Technical Parameter for labeling machines
Applicable wire: diameter 1 ~ 12mm, round wire, flat wire, round pipe, flat pipe are all available;
Labeling shape: label folded in half
Applicable labels: all kinds of stickers
Working efficiency: 20pcs / min (depending on label size and manual operation speed)
Labeling accuracy: ± 0.5mm
Machine size: 750 * 500 * 1150mm
Trial label size: length 110mm (can be customized beyond the range) width: 10-50mm
Working pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7 Mpa
Power: 220V50Hz
Machine weight: 150kg
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