wrap around labeling machine for square plastic bottle|YQ MACHINERY sticker label applicator

wrap around labeling machine for square plastic bottle|YQ MACHINERY sticker label applicator

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introduction of bottle labeling systems:
The automatic labeling machine adopts self-adhesive film roll labeling paper, the labeling adopts the roll-on method, and the automatic bottle feeding and bottle collecting device is prepared. The bottle placing, labeling and bottle receiving procedures are completed at one time, and the printing machine is equipped to complete the label printing synchronously. This machine adopts computer optical fiber control, synchronous tracking, and the automatic label machine is controlled by mutual inductance stepping motor to ensure that the labeling speed and the bottle rolling speed are synchronized. It is a modern mechatronics product with excellent and reliable performance. The self-adhesive labeler has the advantages of being clean and hygienic, not moldy, beautiful and firm after labeling, not falling off by itself, and high production efficiency.
Features of labeling equipment
◆ Good labeling quality, with dual positioning of product positioning and label deviation correction, high degree of overlap between the head and tail of the label, no wrinkles, no bubbles, improve the quality of guarantee;
◆ Simple adjustment, one-button switching of various functions, labeling switching of different product labels is simple and fast, and improves efficiency;
◆ Safe and hygienic, in line with GMP production requirements, the main material is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, durable
◆ Stable performance, controlled by PLC+optical fiber sensor electronic control system, supporting equipment to work for a long time;
◆ Convenient production management, with functions such as label counting, power saving mode, photoelectric tracking label, etc.
◆ Optional functions and components for bottle label applicator:
① Hot coding function;
②Circumferential positioning function;
③Other functions (customized according to customer requirements).
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