Automatic Motor Oil Engine Oil Plastic Bottle Filling Machine

The automatic servo piston filling machine is extremely flexible filler, is capable of filling accurately and rapidly any oil, such as lube oil, engine oil, motor oil, antifreeze and brake fluid.


304 Stainless steel construction and the oil contact parts.

Controlled by panasonic servo motor

Japan Panasonic servo motor

Schneider touch screen and PLC

Accuracy+0.2% for 1000ML

Use anti-drip filling head to prevent the last drop after filling and with automatic drop collection tray double safety system

Capacity(bpm)base on 500ml12-1424-2836-4248-5660-7070-8080-100
Air Pressure(mpa)0.6

An automatic motor oil engine oil plastic bottle filling machine is a specialized industrial equipment designed to automatically fill plastic bottles with motor or engine oil. This machine is commonly used in the automotive and manufacturing industries, specifically in the production of motor oil and lubricants.

The machine works by placing empty plastic bottles onto the conveyor belt, which then moves them through the filling station. The machine uses a high-speed, precision filling head that accurately dispenses the motor oil into the bottles at a predetermined volume. The filling volume can be adjusted depending on the size of the bottles, ensuring that each bottle is filled to the correct level.

One of the key advantages of the automatic motor oil engine oil plastic bottle filling machine is its high speed and accuracy. With the ability to fill multiple bottles simultaneously, this machine can achieve a filling speed of up to 100 bottles per minute, depending on the viscosity of the oil. This level of automation significantly increases production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and improves overall product quality.

Another advantage of this machine is its versatility. It can handle a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes, thanks to its adjustable conveyor and filling head. The machine's flexibility also allows for easy switching between different types of oils and products, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen interface that makes it easy to control and monitor the filling process. The interface allows operators to adjust the filling volume, conveyor speed, and other settings, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Overall, an automatic motor oil engine oil plastic bottle filling machine is an essential piece of equipment for any company that needs to fill large quantities of plastic bottles with motor or engine oil quickly and accurately. Its speed, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use make it an ideal solution for improving production efficiency and quality in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

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