Automatic Round Bottle Cosmetic Bottle Labeler Labeling Machine

It is suitable for a range of round bottles

The machine is adapted advanced technology in the world
1. Touch screen and PLC control
2. Around 30 memory recipes for labeling parameters easy for change bottle size
3. Low or missing label detect
4. Synchronized speed selection
5. Servo motor drive for high accuracy and high speed
6. No bottle no labeling

Capacity60-200 pcs/min
Bottle Height30-280mm
 Bottle Diameter20-120mm
 Label Height15-140mm
 Label Length25-300mm
Roll inside Diameter76mm
 Roll Outside Diameter420mm
Power Supply220V 50/60HZ 1.5KW

An automatic round bottle cosmetic bottle labeling machine is an industrial equipment used to apply labels to round-shaped cosmetic bottles. This machine is designed to work with a wide range of cosmetic bottles, including shampoo bottles, lotion bottles, and other similar products.

The machine works by feeding the bottles onto a conveyor belt, which then moves them through the labeling station. The labeling station uses a labeling head to apply the labels onto the bottles with precision and accuracy.

One of the key benefits of an automatic round bottle cosmetic bottle labeling machine is its speed and efficiency. With the ability to label up to 200 bottles per minute, this machine significantly increases production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and improves overall product quality.

Another benefit of this machine is its versatility. It can handle a wide range of label sizes and shapes, thanks to its adjustable conveyor and labeling head. The machine's flexibility also allows for easy switching between different types of labels, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen interface that makes it easy to control and monitor the labeling process. The interface allows operators to adjust the labeling speed, conveyor speed, and other settings, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Overall, an automatic round bottle cosmetic bottle labeling machine is an essential piece of equipment for any cosmetic manufacturing company that needs to apply labels to large quantities of round-shaped bottles. Its speed, efficiency, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use make it an ideal solution for improving production efficiency and quality in the cosmetic industry.

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