Fully Automatic 20 Liter Fluid Engine Oil Weight Filling Machine

Drum filling machine is set by and measured under microcomputer program controlling of weighing sensor platform. It is belonged to high accuracy and high technology product, and is a new type which is consist of mechanism, electricity and instrumentation. It changed measuring defect from traditional volume type filling and non-capable for much viscous liquid filling. After country stipulate eliminating level scale explicitly.

Weighing Range20-300kg
Filling Speed40- 60pcs/hour
Air Supply150L/min
Power SupplyAC220V 50HZ
Weight120 kg

A fully automatic 20 liter fluid engine oil weight filling machine is a machine that is designed to fill 20 liter containers with a specific weight of engine oil automatically. This type of machine is commonly used in the manufacturing and packaging industries to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the filling process.

The machine typically consists of a conveyor belt or roller system that moves the empty containers to the filling station. The filling station consists of a nozzle or spout that is used to dispense the engine oil into the containers. The machine is equipped with sensors that ensure the containers are in the correct position for filling and that the correct weight of oil is dispensed.

The filling process is fully automated, which means that the machine can fill a large number of containers quickly and accurately without the need for human intervention. The machine is also designed to prevent spillage and minimize waste, which helps to reduce production costs.

Overall, a fully automatic 20 liter fluid engine oil weight filling machine is an efficient and reliable way to fill containers with a specific weight of engine oil. It can help manufacturers and packagers improve their production processes and reduce costs, while also ensuring the accuracy and consistency of their products.

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