Linear Type Full Automatic Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine

Automatic double sides labelling machine also called front and back labelling machine, double sides labeller, it is application for labelling round, square, flat and unshaped and shaped bottles & containers.

Labeling Speed
60-350pcs/min (Depending on label length and bottle thickness)
Height of Object30-350mm
Thickness of Object20-120mm
Height of Label15-140mm
Length of Label25-300mm
Label Roller Inside Diameter76mm
Label Roller Outside Diameter420mm
Accuracy of Labeling±1mm
Power Supply220V 50/60HZ 3.5KW Single-phase
Gas Consumption of Printer5Kg/cm^2
Size of Labeling Machine2800(L)×1650(W)×1500(H)mm
Weight of Labeling Machine450Kg

The Linear Type Full Automatic Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine is a cutting-edge packaging solution designed to streamline and automate the labeling process for manufacturers. This state-of-the-art machine is capable of labeling products on both sides, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers who require double-sided labeling.

With its linear design, this labeling machine is built to handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes. It is equipped with advanced sensors that detect the presence of products and initiate the labeling process automatically, ensuring a smooth and efficient labeling process.

One of the key advantages of this labeling machine is its high level of accuracy and precision. The machine is capable of applying labels with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that each label is applied in the correct position and orientation. This high level of precision is essential for manufacturers who require consistent labeling quality and appearance.

The machine's automatic operation also reduces the need for manual labor, improving overall productivity and reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies. The machine is built with durable and reliable components, ensuring a long lifespan and minimal downtime.

In addition to its double-sided labeling capabilities, this machine is also versatile and can handle a wide range of label sizes and shapes. It is built with user-friendly controls and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different label sizes and product shapes.

Overall, the Linear Type Full Automatic Double Side Adhesive Labeling Machine is an innovative and efficient packaging solution that can enhance the productivity and profitability of your production line. Its high level of precision, automatic operation, and versatility make it an ideal choice for manufacturers who require high-quality and consistent labeling for their products.

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