Servo Motor Piston Olive Oil Bottle Filling Machine

Olive oil filling machine is a kind of filling machine specially for the characteristics and characteristics of olive oil!

The automatic olive oil filling machine for oil and liquid quantitative filling machine, suitable for filling all kinds of oil viscous liquid filling, in addition to filling olive oil can also be filled such as sesame oil, edible oil, belongs to a multi-functional, composite filling machine. The filling machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment and easy operation.

This series of olive oil filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of oils and viscous liquids. In addition to olive oil, it can also fill oils such as peanut oil, blend oil, rapeseed oil, etc.

Our company's olive oil filling machine, adapt to a wide range of bottle type, dosage adjustment, all computer control, touch color screen operation, convenient, fast, accurate, CNC adjustment is very convenient, work operation to achieve all automation, the machine performance is stable, reliable, low failure rate, high technology content.

Capacity(bpm)base on 500ml12-1424-2836-4248-5660-7070-8080-100
Air Pressure(mpa)0.6

Main features

1. PLC control, operation on touch screen
2. Panasonic servo motor driven , automatic adjust the Filling size on HMI, eg. Users want to fill 500g olive oil, users just input the number 500, then the machine will automatic adjust
3. It is volumetric by piston, high filling accuracy.
4. Easy adjustment, and tools free
5. The soft tubes or pipes on the filler are adapt world brand Toyox from japan
6. Specially made rotary valve for oil transfer
7. O seals and Rings are specially chosen for oil
8. 304 ss contact material
9. Adapts vacuum sucking nozzles, for the last drop sucking.
10. Also the machine adapts drop catcher for further drop-security.

A servo motor piston olive oil bottle filling machine is a type of packaging machinery that is designed to fill olive oil bottles with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. It utilizes servo motors to control the piston's movement, which ensures precise filling and reduces the chances of spillage.

The servo motor piston olive oil bottle filling machine is ideal for use in the food and beverage industry, specifically in the olive oil manufacturing industry. It can fill bottles of different sizes and shapes, ranging from small bottles to large containers, with volumes varying from a few milliliters to several liters. The machine can handle different types of olive oil, including extra-virgin olive oil, light olive oil, and regular olive oil.

The filling process in the servo motor piston olive oil bottle filling machine involves several stages. First, the empty bottles are fed into the machine through a conveyor system, where they are aligned in a single file. The bottles then move through the filling station, where the servo motor controls the piston's movement to dispense the desired amount of olive oil into each bottle.

The machine can be programmed to fill the bottles to a specific level, ensuring consistent filling volumes and reducing the risk of overfilling or underfilling. Additionally, the machine can be adjusted to fill different bottle sizes and shapes, making it highly versatile and adaptable to different production needs.

One of the key advantages of the servo motor piston olive oil bottle filling machine is its high filling accuracy. With the use of servo motors, the machine can achieve filling accuracy of up to 0.5%, ensuring that each bottle is filled to the desired level consistently. This reduces product waste and increases production efficiency.

In conclusion, the servo motor piston olive oil bottle filling machine is an essential tool for olive oil manufacturers who need to fill bottles with precision and efficiency. With its high filling accuracy and adaptability to different bottle sizes and shapes, the machine offers a reliable and efficient solution to the challenges of olive oil bottling.

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