Rotary Piston 10ml Nail Polish Filling Plugging And Capping Machine

Nail polish filling plugging and capping machine with fuctions of automatic fillling, loadng brush and capping.

The whole machine adopts PLC control, with the function of no bottle no filling, no brush no cover, easy operation and adjustment conveniently

Production capacityAbout 30-40 bottles/minute
Filling nozzle2 nozzles
Filling accuracy±1%
Plugging nozzle1 nozzles
Speed controlfrequency control
Bottle sizeMore than 10 mm
The power supply380 V 50 Hz
Power2 kw
Air supply0.3~04kfg/cm2
Gas consumption10~15m3/h
Overall dimensions3000×1300×1700 mm

The Rotary Piston 10ml Nail Polish Filling Plugging and Capping Machine is a high-precision packaging solution designed to streamline and automate the filling, plugging, and capping process for nail polish manufacturers. This state-of-the-art machine is specifically built to handle 10ml nail polish bottles with precision and efficiency.

With its advanced rotary piston technology, this filling machine is capable of accurately and efficiently filling nail polish bottles with the correct amount of product, reducing waste and ensuring consistent quality. The machine is equipped with advanced sensors that detect the presence of bottles and initiate the filling process automatically.

The plugging process is also automated, with the machine's advanced plugging mechanism ensuring that each nail polish bottle is sealed tightly and securely, preventing leakage and ensuring the freshness and quality of the product inside.

The capping process is also automated, with the machine's advanced capping mechanism ensuring that each bottle is capped tightly and securely, preventing air exposure and maintaining the integrity of the product.

The machine's user-friendly controls and adjustable settings make it easy to customize the filling, plugging, and capping process to suit the specific needs of different nail polish bottle sizes and shapes. Its compact and durable design also makes it easy to integrate into existing production lines, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

In addition to its high-speed capabilities and automatic operation, this filling machine is also built with durability and reliability in mind. It is constructed with high-quality materials and components that are designed to withstand the demands of continuous use, ensuring a long lifespan and minimal downtime.

Overall, the Rotary Piston 10ml Nail Polish Filling Plugging and Capping Machine is a versatile and efficient packaging solution that can enhance the productivity and profitability of your production line. Its advanced filling, plugging, and capping technology, automatic operation, and durability make it an ideal choice for nail polish manufacturers looking to improve their production process and ensure the quality of their products.

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